Pee Kay Scaffolding and shuttering Ltd. is one of the largest and reliable suppliers of Scaffolding and Shuttering in india. MS plate are available on rent and hire for construction of residential, commercial and industrial sites. Plates are available in different sizes 

MS - Steel

It is used for joining 40 mm NB tubes at 90 degrees angle to other tubes, ledgers or props.

Available in sizes

 Plates are available in different sizes which are given below

4′ x 2′, 4′ x 21”, 4′ x 18”, 4’x15”, 4′ x 12”, 4′ x 9”, 4′ x 6”, 3′ x 2”, 3′ x 21′, 3 x 18”, 3′ x 15”, 3′ x12”, 3′ x 9”, 3′ x 6”

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Our aim is to provide prompt and efficient services without compromising on quality of material